[Samba] roaming profiles from BDC only, not from PDC

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Wed Dec 15 11:20:00 GMT 2004


Is it possible to use roaming profiles from BDC only, and not from PDC?

We have offices connected using VPN/WAN, in each office there is one BDC 
and LDAP slave (on one machine), and in one location there is a PDC and 
LDAP master.

If a local BDC crashes, users can authenticate agains PDC over VPN/WAN - 
but in that case they should use their local profile.

Is it possible to disable roaming profiles on a PDC, but have them on BDCs?

I tried removing [profiles] and "logon path" entries from PDCs smb.conf, 
but still when the user logs in, he/she is welcomed by 
"\\pdc\profiles\user... doesn't exist, visit your Administrator etc." 
window, which can very confusing for many of them.


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