[Samba] forcing filenames to lowercase

Andrew Gaffney agaffney at gentoo.org
Wed Dec 15 04:42:01 GMT 2004

As a...courtesy...to my boss, I make our web server's htdocs directory available 
to him via a samba share in our domain. As much as I tell him otherwise, he 
continues to create files with spaces in the name (that's another issue) and 
files that are similar to "Some Random Pic.JPG" and it annoys the hell out of 
me. What I want to do is force the filenames to lowercase on the Samba side. 
This server runs multiple shares (most of the others contain Word, Excel, 
Access, etc. files that I don't care about the naming of), so I'd like to 
restrict it to just this one share. How can I do this? BTW, this is samba 3.0.7.

Andrew Gaffney
Gentoo Linux Developer
Installer Project

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