[Samba] Re: Problem moving Samba shares to newly installed drive

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Wed Dec 15 00:06:00 GMT 2004

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Daniel wrote:
| Hello,
| I have been working on a RedHat machine that is a PDC for a Windows
| running XP clients.
| The system has the following shares defined in /etc/samba/smb.conf:
| /home/netlogon
| /home/profiles
| /public (FYI /public is a symbolic link to /home/public)
| /home/share1
| /home/share2
| They are all on the /home partition which is on the main system drive,
| is full.
| I have installed a second drive, made an ext2 file system, and mounted the
| drive as 1 large partition called /share.
| I then copied all the data from the /home partition to the /share
drive via
| ( cp -R /home/* /share ).

Couple of points.

1. It sounds like maybe you are combining profiles and home directories.
~ I remember hearing that this is a bad idea for security reasons. I'm
sorry, though.  I can't remember the specifics.

2. Use -pR on your copy.  Where p stands for preserve ownerships and
permissions. Alternatively, think about using mv instead. If I am not
mistaken, it doesn't mess with the perms.

As for the rest, it is hard to tell.  If you can get back to square 1
and start over, it would be best.  This would include removing the extra
smb.conf files to your root directory (i.e. someplace out of the way) at
least. As far as I know, samba has one and only one configuration file
although I think sub-configuration files *can* be specified within it.
Still I'm pretty sure that if you had done this, you would know.

Jim C.
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