[Samba] Re: Followed John's book, frustrating smbldap-problem

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Tue Dec 14 23:05:35 GMT 2004

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|> Rolf A. Vaglid wrote:
| I've uploaded two tcpdump-files for those up for a challenge:
| http://www.tysvernett.no/smbldap/login_attempt_w2000.tcpdump
| http://www.tysvernett.no/smbldap/login_win98.tcpdump
| Cheers
| Rolf (Would sacrifice a finger to solve this one)

List of ideas you can try:

1. Shutdown all firewalls.
2. See 1 above. ;-)
3. Try manually creating the test users profile directory if they are
not already in existence.  Make sure the file system perms and
ownerships are correct for the test user.
4. Try just browsing to one of the shares and see if you can access it
with a userid and password but without joining the domain. You may have
to use DOMAIN/\Testuser (I always forget which slash is correct).
5. Post your smb.conf along with the results of 'ls -l [samba's
6. Use smbldap-usershow to look at the test user carefully.
7. Try turning off any ldap acls and attempt a login.

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