[Samba] smbspool, well, doesn't

Derek J. Balling dballing at dpsource.com
Tue Dec 14 17:50:42 GMT 2004

I have two users who wish to print to their printers attached to their 
XP Pro workstations from our linux server.

After trying (And failing) to set it up via the CUPS interface, I 
started tinkering at the lower level, doing things like:

$ smbspool smb://printuser:printpass@OUR_NT_DOMAIN/HERMACHINENAME/hp 10 
printuser testtitle 1 '' /etc/hosts

... which yielded no results whatsoever. I tried various URIs:


... none of these *fail*, they all happily "work" from the perspective 
of the client, but the workstation itself doesn't appear to ever 
actually *see* any data.

What am I doing wrong?


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