[Samba] Speed of Samba through VPN

Mrinal Kalakrishnan lists at mrinal.net
Tue Dec 14 16:17:04 GMT 2004


James Cooke typed:
> Recently, I successfully set up an RHEL3 server running Samba over a 
> PPTP VPN connection, however, the client is complaining about access 
> speeds. The problem is not so much opening the files, but browsing the 
> folders - however, this only appears to be slow from the client end, not 
> mine.

I noticed a similar problem too, and I found that samba was sending
the DOS attributes of each folder with the read-only bit set. Windows
clients seem to check for the presence of a desktop.ini file in each
folder which has the read-only bit set. If there are lots of folders
with the read-only bit set in a particular directory, the directory
listing can take a pretty long time.

If this is the problem, you have to find some way of getting samba to
send the DOS attributes with the read-only bit reset. You could
perhaps use the option to store dos attributes in the EA. But in this
case, if the user doesn't have read access to the folders inside,
samba won't even be able to read the EA of the folder, in which case
it will generate the DOS attributes from the unix perms, which will
end up with the read-only bit set.

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