[Samba] multiple loginscrips Samba 3

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Dec 14 14:23:28 GMT 2004

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

>>googling arround, I found an example smb.conf containig
>>logon script = %m.bat
>>logon script = %U.bat
>>My question:
>>is it possible to have such a "login script chain"??
>A subsequent value read in the configuration overrides a previously read
As an alternative to that very blunt no, there are ways to get the 
behavior you want. 

One can do several things to get sneaky in the login scripts, such as 
testing for group membership with the ifmember utility from MS.  Sorry I 
can't help on the syntax for that, but it has been posted to the list by 
several people who know how to use it better, alas I am no batch writing 
wizard.  We used this for a bit but then went to the next option since 
our group matching got kindof messy.

The way we get around this issue is to dynamically generate the .bat 
scripts with a server side script that checks for group membership and 
what not.  We put a call to the script with whatever args we want in the 
root preexec.  The sky is the limit to what you can do in there since 
you pass in and handle any args you like.  I believe I've posted the 
whole thing here before, so I won't do it again here.

Another option (I believe) is to use the Kixtart(sp?) package.  That's 
another search the archive answer as I have no exp. on that either.

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