[Samba] Re: Roaming profiles not roamin :(

Rens rens at milieudefensie.nl
Tue Dec 14 10:55:36 GMT 2004

Karlo Lozovina wrote:
> Hello folks!
> I have a "small" problem configuring samba-3.0.9 (on Debian, if that
> matters). My samba server acts like primary domain controller, and my
> users can log to the domain. But, their profiles are not roaming (yes,
> those users have roaming profile selected on every workstation, that's
> not it). That is - they are not created on samba machine, but instead,
> on every workstation I have c:\documents and settings\username.domain,
> with all their data. As you can imagine, that's not what I want. Btw,
> workstations are running WindowsXP SP2.

Hi Karlo,

Try setting Browseable to Yes in the profiles section of smb.conf. I had 
the same problem as you and this solved it.
If you still have this problem after changing the setting you should try 
  using a debug build of userenv.dll on a workstation. The debug build 
of userenv.dll will write a logfile describing every step of 
saving/loading roaming profiles.


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