[Samba] "Workgroup-login" with plain password does not work from NT...

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Tue Dec 14 08:08:46 GMT 2004


Yesterday I wrote a mail to this list. Because it is very urgent and I didn't
see any response to it, I kindly please for help again.

The problem is:
After a server crash I decided to install SuSE 9.2 instead of SuSE 8.0. This
SuSE uses samba 3.x.  The old (still running) 2nd server uses samba 2.0.3.
Both servers are configured to NOT use password encryption and are used as
file servers in a Workgroup network (no domain).
All Windows-Clients have installed the plaintext-password-patch since more
than 1 year.
While all clients (WinXP, Win2k, WinNT4, but also smbclient) can mount the
older SAMBA 2.0.3 (and they also see it in the network neighbourhood, the new
server does not appear in the neighbourhood. It is also not possible to mount
it from NT4, and it is only possible to mount it from XP by executing its
name '\\majestix' and then doing a "connect". This was not the case with samba
2.0.3, here everything worked fine.

Any idea on how to get the same behaviour back?


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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