[Samba] TDB Files From Mono/C#

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Dec 13 20:15:03 GMT 2004

> > Does anyone have any code for inspecting Samba TDB files from Mono or
> > just in C#?  Is the format of the TDB file documented somewhere?
> Only in the source code I'm afraid. The tdb C code would convert to
> Java or C# quite easily,

Will take a look.

>  although I'm thinking the locking semantics
> and mmap specific parts may cause some issues.

Only interested in reading values, particularly the administrative
password & DN in secrets.tdb.  We've written some utilities for easing
Samba/LDAP integration (including those gnarly hook scripts), but we've
so far avoided having to do any local configuration so trying to just
use the authentication information already in place.

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