[Samba] Simple Samba connection question to new Active Directory

Klebanov, Lev Lev_Klebanov at URMC.Rochester.edu
Mon Dec 13 16:56:42 GMT 2004

Hello all!
	I currently have a small Windows NT 4 domain (named OLD_NETWORK).
	All files are stored on a UNIX server (running Solaris) running
Samba 2.2. Runs perfect. No problems. Samba's only job in my network is JUST
TO STORE AND SERVE OUT FILES to PCs. Samba does not run as a PDC. Merely
validates valid users to get their files off UNIX server.
	I believe this is the simplest possible Samba scenario!
	I am going to join a neighboring departement's new Active Directory
(named NEW_NETWORK).
	I already merged one PC and one user into the new AD using
Microsoft's Active Directory Migration Tool. The user and computer migrated
perfectly. The user logs onto the new AD (NEW_NETWORK) and can get their
files off UNIX server via Samba just as before. Perfect! It's like nothing
has changed!
	But what will happen when I turn off the OLD_NETWORK NT 4 servers???
	I assume the users I migrated will still be able to access their
files right (I can just pull the network cables from OLD_NETWORK to test
that out)?
	Also, with OLD_NETWORK turned off, how will I be able to add a new
user and still have Samba let them in to read/write files on UNIX server?
	Right now Samba is currently validating users by looking at the PDC
	Can I change how Samba validates users? Maybe I can list them out
user by user for Samba?

Rochester, NY

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