[Samba] Odd LPQ behavior in 3.0.x

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Mon Dec 13 14:58:03 GMT 2004

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> Ryan Novosielski wrote:
> | I changed the 'lpq cache time' parameter to 5
> | (from the default) and the  problem seems to
> | have gone away. The status (Paused/Printing,
> | or nothing  for jobs that are queued) has
> | returned. However, now the Pages are all
> | N/A (as it was before I upgraded), and the size
> | field is back (but static). The port field is blank...
> All of those fields are filling in via change notify
> messages.  Please note that MS has broken this
> functionality with XP sp2 (even in a Windows network).
> I don't know of any hotfix that addresses it yet.

Ah! That may be the cause of it then -- my desktop is running XP SP2. If 
anyone DOES have any information on this, please send it along.

> Also be aware that setting 'lpq cache = 5' will cause
> high loads (and without the patch I mentioned possibly
> large memory consumption caused by excessive amounts of
> print_queue_update() calls.

OK, I will look more carefully at this value.

> | Before changing this parameter, as I noted below,
> | Status was missing,  but pages was listed (and dynamic)
> | as was size (same). Now I only get  this on incoming
> | jobs (jobs with a "Spooling" status). I'm curious if
> | there is any good documentation on how to expect this
> | to work... the printing stuff doesn't cover this
> | particular part of it too much.
> Nope.  It's all way to complicated IMO.  Right now we
> batch up the print change notify messages before sending
> to the client.  We also consolidate things like the
> page count and size messages so that we send one per
> printer per batch.

I have another question related to this. My NT admin appears to have 
disabled the channel that allows back-communication to the PC's -- does 
anyone know off the top of their head what setting/service on NT enables 
that so that I can try it out and ask him to re-enable it if it is 

> | I will apply the patch and let you know -- Samba
> | has been segfaulting  somewhat too on 3.0.9, so I'm
> | hoping this will cure that as well.
> I'm pretty sure it will.

Thanks for your efforts!

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