[Samba] "what samba can't do" list

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Dec 13 08:45:42 GMT 2004

> I was wondering what of this was still true?
> <quote>
> Things that samba cannot yet, but are under rapid development, are: 
> - Trust relationships with other domains.

?  Trust accounts have existed for quite some time.

> - PDC and BDC integration. 

Depends on what you mean; technically, no.  Very comfortable work arounds

> - Windows NT ACLs (on the Samba shares).

This has definitely been working for a long time. 

> - Offer a list of domain users to User Manager for Domains (or the 
>   Security Tab etc). 

Been working pretty well for us since the advent of 3.0.x

> At the moment Samba behaves as an NT domain controller, not as a Windows 
> 2000 server. This isn't likely to change much in the future. 


> from:
> http://www.physics.gla.ac.uk/itsig/reports/samba_pdc_2001-11-19.html

Dude!  Why don't you try checking out http://www.samba.org  rather than a very
old obscure document.

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