[Samba] Re: Linux server to microsoft client problems

Rolf A. Vaglid rolf at qt-developer.org
Sun Dec 12 14:18:21 GMT 2004

Brad Delano skrev:
> I apologize in advance if this is a repeated or common question.  I am a 
> sales guy and am working with a client on moving forward with their 
> project.
> Issue:  We have a Linux server hosting a Microsoft Access database 
> file.  There are three computers who need access to this data.  One is 
> Windows XP pro, this one works fine.  Another is Windows 98 SE, this 
> computer can see the file but can not execute or use the file in 
> anyway.  The same problem exists on the Windows 2000 pro machine.  This 
> computer can see the file but is unable to open or access it.
> Please help!
> Thank you,
> Brad Delano

Hi Brad, take a look at this http://hr.uoregon.edu/davidrl/samba.html, 
especially the section about oplocks.


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