[Samba] Copying between physical drives within samba mount - veryslow.

Mitch (WebCob) mitch at webcob.com
Sun Dec 12 00:59:51 GMT 2004

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> veryslow.
> Thanks for the response.  Yeah I saw the same behavior with NFS.  It
> would be nice to have an rpc.move.
> However, if I use netatalk the does not copy across the wire.  I have
> not looked into the detail of the protocol.  However, it has its own
> limitations.
> Do you know of any movement in this area?  Logging in directly is not an
> option for our clients.  I have looked at netatalk, samba, nfs and
> webdav stuff.
> Panos
[Mitch says:] That's an interesting note about netatalk... Apple was often
advanced in their ideas and then crippled cause they wanted to own the ball,
the field, make the rules, and hire the referee ;-)

I am not aware of any movement - if there is a forum or study group for the
protocol, someone here or maybe a reference in samba docs might guide you -
Samba didn't invent the protocol, and as far as I know doesn't contribute to
it - it "just" implements the "standard" (no slight against samba intended!)

You could perhaps provide the function through a web interface or other if
it's used that often? Or maybe just upgrade your server link to gigabit?


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