[Samba] Re: PDC, BDCs - how do you synchronize roaming profiles?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Sat Dec 11 20:06:23 GMT 2004

gints neimanis wrote:
> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> As a consequence, this also means, that on each server there has to be 
>> a copy of a profile of a given user, right?
> No, not right. The user roaming profile is stored only on one server.

So what is the sense of having BDCs? I guess the biggest load happens 
when the profiles are copied; when there are hundreds of users, one PDC 
(on which the profiles are stored) would be much overloaded.

Besides, Samba Guide chapter 7 ("Distributed 2000 users network") 
describes a setup when users are located in New York, London etc. 
different locations, which sounds just silly if roaming profiles were 
stored for example in New York only.

> Maybe you may rename the each SAMBA server in each location in the same 
> NetBIOS name, but the profile directory on each server is fetched from 
> the central server over NFS.

I don't think giving the same NetBIOS name for different machines is a 
good idea.

Fetching profiles each time from a central server when user logs in / 
logs out doesn't seem to be good idea for me - what if company/school 
etc. has two or more buildings, and they are connected only by a slow 
VPN over internet/wireless etc.?


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