[Samba] Odd LPQ behavior in 3.0.x

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Dec 10 21:13:42 GMT 2004

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Ryan Novosielski wrote:

| I changed the 'lpq cache time' parameter to 5
| (from the default) and the  problem seems to
| have gone away. The status (Paused/Printing,
| or nothing  for jobs that are queued) has
| returned. However, now the Pages are all
| N/A (as it was before I upgraded), and the size
| field is back (but static). The port field is blank...

All of those fields are filling in via change notify
messages.  Please note that MS has broken this
functionality with XP sp2 (even in a Windows network).
I don't know of any hotfix that addresses it yet.

Also be aware that setting 'lpq cache = 5' will cause
high loads (and without the patch I mentioned possibly
large memory consumption caused by excessive amounts of
print_queue_update() calls.

| Before changing this parameter, as I noted below,
| Status was missing,  but pages was listed (and dynamic)
| as was size (same). Now I only get  this on incoming
| jobs (jobs with a "Spooling" status). I'm curious if
| there is any good documentation on how to expect this
| to work... the printing stuff doesn't cover this
| particular part of it too much.

Nope.  It's all way to complicated IMO.  Right now we
batch up the print change notify messages before sending
to the client.  We also consolidate things like the
page count and size messages so that we send one per
printer per batch.

| I will apply the patch and let you know -- Samba
| has been segfaulting  somewhat too on 3.0.9, so I'm
| hoping this will cure that as well.

I'm pretty sure it will.

cheers, jerry
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