[Samba] Re: Upgrade from 3.0.2 --> 3.0.7

Danny Paul jdpaul at gocolumbiamo.com
Fri Dec 10 20:15:08 GMT 2004

> Here are my questions:
> 1). Can someone give me more detail on the "syntax errors" that were
> corrected?
There were certain problems in the samba.schema file of the 3.0.6 release
that went unnoticed until after the release.  The SAMBA team quickly made
available a good samba.schema file and incorporated it into the next
release (3.0.7).

> 2). Also, what (if any) effect will I see if I use my existing
> schema/directory with the 3.0.7?
As far as I know, you should see no ill effect using your existing
directory.  You should, howver, use your new samba.schema in place of your
3.0.2 version.

> 3). What's the proper procedure to upgrade the directory so that it *can*
> use the updated schema?
As far as I know, there should be no conversion necessary.  If you were,
however, as paranoid as I am you would first make sure you have a thourough
backup of your current setup in case your had to roll back.
Next, I would export the entire LDAP directory to an LDIF file for
Then upgrade to 3.0.7 and everything should fly fine.  If SAMBA refuses to
function after the upgrade, first do a testparm, since some options have
changed since 3.0.2.
If SAMBA acts like the info in the directory is no good, clear out the
entire directory.  Verify the samba.schema is the one shipped with 3.0.7. 
Then import those LDIF files again.

I cannot imagine a scenario in which an upgrade would fail after all of
that, but of course.........

Good luck.

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