[Samba] Re: IP address given to WINS on a server with multiple interfaces

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Fri Dec 10 18:11:25 GMT 2004

Oliver, Peter (Central-Networks) wrote:

> I'm still running Samba 2.2 here (actually, HP's CIFS9000 product), so
> apologies if things have changed in Samba 3.

It's kind of still that way. I had a back door interface or two in a test server. All were cached in the WINS file. Unfortunately ndbd seems to process the data file "oldest data first" (at least in 
my case) and would only lookup two IP's for the name. Thus with the two test interfaces removed, it would test both of those old entries and then tell the client there was no master browser for the 
domain.... EVEN THOUGH during startup nmbd knew his own IP correctly. I've not had the time to properly devote to understanding that part of the code. The caching of data in a DHCP world (changing 
static IP world too) seems problematic to me.

Pizza, H2O, good music, and the C++ source.... that hasn't happened yet.

I have not tried the "interfaces" setting in smb.conf idea though I kind of knew that entry existed... maybe I'll try that and not the C++ direction first! ;-)

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