[Samba] Managing users

Koenraad Lelong samba.k.lelong at ace-electronics.be
Fri Dec 10 14:34:17 GMT 2004

samba wrote:
> Koenraad Lelong wrote:
> Since there is a big silence about this, I was going to skip this test. 
> I installed a BDC (Win) and was about to vampire my real domain, to try 
> further steps. But then I tried "Usermanager for Domains" from that 
> machine. This works perfect. I had "log on" on my real domain before 
> though : going to My Network, then to the Promises domain, and select 
> the samba machine, and then select a share. Then you have to provide a 
> username and password for the Promises domain. If you start Usermanager, 
> and select the Promises-domain, you can do all you like, it works.
> Back again to the WinME-machine. Logged in in the Promises domain, tried 
> to access some shares, with no problems. Then to Usermanager. There I 
> had the same problem : impossible to add a user.
> Next I'm going to try a Win98 machine. I'll report back.
Win98SE gives the same results. So I presume these OSes can't create users.
WinNT and Win2000 have no problems. I'll have to test WinXP.
Koenraad Lelong
R&D manager
ACE electronics

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