[Samba] samba>=3.0.4 - no more smbpasswd ? no more local auth whenjoined to domain ?

K.Watanabe kei at fox.dti2.ne.jp
Fri Dec 10 13:14:24 GMT 2004


I am using same SuSE9.1 and Samba3.0.4.(updated automatically by YaST)
smbpasswd is still existing and samba is fine.
How about re-install RPMs with YaST?

Kei(kei at fox.dti2.ne.jp)

> smbpasswd utility is missing in newest SuSE samba-3.0.4 patch for 
> SuSE-9.1 distro (via online update) so I've just thought that this was 
> for good. Adi (see previous posts from this thread) proposed to install 
> it from wherever I could get it which, of course, I refused since it 
> does not solve my main problem.

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