[Samba] Permission error again

Peter Blajev peter at castandcrew.com
Fri Dec 10 02:08:49 GMT 2004

Samba-3.0.7 on RedHat Enterprise Linux ES release 3.

I'm trying to change printer driver:
[93,burfile:/etc/samba] => rpcclient -U root burprint
rpcclient $> setdriver ccplp0 "HP LaserJet 5"
rpcclient $> 

Why am I getting this error?
Nothing in the log files. "use client driver" is set to No.
Even I'm connecting as root I checked all folders system permissions
and everything looks good.

Here is the relevant (I think) part of smb.conf file:
     comment            = Printer Driver Download Area
     path               = /etc/samba/drivers
     browseable         = no
     guest ok           = yes
     read only          = yes
     write list         = root, @printadm
     create mode        = 0664
     directory mode     = 0775
     force group        = printadm

I'm out of ideas.
Please any suggestion, hint, tip... :-)

Thank you
Peter Blajev

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