[Samba] winbind uid to name resolution

john knox jknox at sce.carleton.ca
Thu Dec 9 19:12:38 GMT 2004

hi -

i am trying to get a fedora core 3 box to authenticate to a w2k3 ad
server.  the linux box is using the stock 3.0.9-1.fc3 samba rpm.
everything works well, including the home directory mounts (pam_mount)
except that users cannot resolve their own names - when they log in,
they get:
id: cannot find name for group ID xxxxxxxx
id: cannot find name for group ID xxxxxxxx (but with real uid/gid).

     wbinfo -n <uname>
returns the sid

      wbinfo -s <sid>
returns the name in the form: domain\username 1  (why is the "1" there
- is that a problem?)

      wbinfo -r <username>
returns a couple of gids

      wbinfo -U <uid>
returns "Could not convert uid xxxxxxxx to sid"

winbind.log does not show any problems as far as i can see (just stuff
about not being able to resolve local credentials)

chmod <fname> <username>
works for domain accounts, but ls -l just shows the uid rather than
the name

anybody have any clue as to what may be wrong?


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