[Samba] ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers vs ou=Users

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Dec 9 17:17:50 GMT 2004

> The SBMLDAP howto ( 
> http://www.idealx.org/prj/samba/smbldap-howto.en.html ) states that:
>     ldap machine suffix = ou=Computers
> Is the correct approach to defining machines in the LDAP directory. Yet 
> the advise offered by this group seems to be that, no we should be using :
>     ldap machine suffix = ou=Users
> We are having problems with a new server that have been attributed to 
> our use of the FAQ's approach & will change back to this group's 
> approach, however I'd like to know if anyone know's why there's a 
> discrepancy & why the FAQ says one thing the group another. Not trying 
> to start any kind of holy war, just seeking to understand so my systems 
> work correctly.

We operate with -
   ldap suffix = ou=SAM,o=Morrison Industries,c=US
   ldap group suffix = ou=Groups
   ldap user suffix = ou=Entities
   ldap machine suffix = ou=System Accounts,ou=Entities

Works fine.  We also seperate root, wheel, guest, etc... out from the 'true' users,

But I don't know anything about the idealx scripts since we don't use them.  We
have our own scripts.

Basically your add user / add machine scripts create a posixAccount objectclass,
and then Samba finds that via a search and does its thing.

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