[Samba] Samba and internet!

Marcus Andersson marcus at wimlet.se
Thu Dec 9 10:55:26 GMT 2004

Hi everybody!

I have a problem wich has pusseled me for sometime time.

I have put samba on an internal subnet wich is the same as the
windowsclients. Everything works great as long as internet is up and
running but if internet goes down then the windowsclients can't find the
sambaserver or just simly times out when trying to log in.

On one installation I have a netgear router wich handels the traffic and
is dhcpserver for the internal net and in the other the windows machine
has a isdn-connection localy which gives it connection to the internet
and also routes the internal net (sambaserver) to the internet.

I also has a third installation where the server running samba also is
the gateway to internet and this problem never occurs there. If internet
goes down then the clients can still login whitout problem.

I would really appreciate some input on this problem since it keeps me
awake at nights :) I have searced the internet but couldn't find
anything that explains it.

Thanks in advance


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