[Samba] samba>=3.0.4 - no more smbpasswd ? no more local auth whenjoined to domain ?

Izo I at siol.net
Thu Dec 9 08:50:34 GMT 2004

Adi Nugraha wrote:
> how about redirecting the smbpasswd file to the older version (assuming you
> have one) using smbpasswd file = /file/path/smbpasswd , I replaced my copy
> of smbpasswd for 3.09 with a 2.216 and the smbpasswd command stopped
> working, (no new entry added to the smbpasswd file), but when i used that it
> worked again

Does this mean that the Samba is not reliable anymore ? The smbpasswd is 
only part of my question. Of course I could install it from the previous 
RPM, yet it would not solve my problem at all. I want to know what is 
going on, really, with my Samba-3.0.4 (packaged by SuSE)  installation. 
I assume that changes should have some purpose but they are clearly not 
well described. Or Samba just happens to be too buggy to be used nowadays ?

My problem in short is, I have successfully (re-)joined my computer into 
domain, yet it ceased to authenticate either domain either local user.


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