[Samba] Removing printers and faxes folder from windows explorer

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Dec 8 21:15:04 GMT 2004

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panos wrote:
| Thanks
| We have clients where things must be very simple.  Of
| course we can live with the folder, but making it as
| clean as possible is a priority...though not at the
| cost of stability.  So given your warning, I am not sure
| if it is worth it.
| What is client polling?

client >= Windows NT fall back to lanman printing calls
when the server doesn't support the rpc based printing
mechanism (this is what 'disable spoolss = yes' means).

the clients then poll the server for changes in printing
attributes a lot.  Mostly I've seen this cause problems
on Solaris servers.  Not sure about Linux.  My guess is
that Linux is probably better in this respect.

Also, if you aren't going to server any printers, then
it is probably also ok.

cheers, jerry
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