[Samba] IPC$ when login as trusted user

Adrian Chow achow at uwcsea.edu.sg
Wed Dec 8 16:30:34 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I am just curious with the following setup and hope to hear some good response on this:-

1.  Why when I login as a trusted domain user on a computer, it logins anonymously?  I have 2 domains that fully trust each other, Domain_A and Domain_B.  Computer_A joins domain_A.  I login as user_B (select the option Domain_B when login) on Computer_A.  It was a successful login but with no login scripts.  It was loginning in as a anonymous user. (logs shows it)

2.  Why when I disable IPC$ share in the smb.conf, I cannot login as user_B onto Computer_A (as scenario above) at all?  I don't even see the option to choose Domain_B.  Disable IPC$ will not allow me to do a "smbclient -L"

Anyone knows why?


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