[Samba] configure dual samba 3.0.8 instances-one fedora box

Fred samba at fredsnet.org
Wed Dec 8 16:19:39 GMT 2004


I've a need to run 2 instances on one box.  I've spent the better part
of 2 days looking for docs and howto's and reading the FM.  However, I
think I'm making too much out of it, thinking that there is more to it
than there really is.

the first instance is to serve the users,  the second instance is for
the backup system.

I'm running fedora core 2 with samba 3.0.8pre2  (the first instance is a
member server in a win2k3 domain and its working well.)

I have a test box set up to experiment on.

is there someone that can give me a quick run down as to the process of
setting this up?  or just a link to a doc would be fine... I haven't
really found that much on the web though.


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