[Samba] SAMBA or CUPS printing an extra page

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Wed Dec 8 15:12:52 GMT 2004

I don't know which software to blame.  Two of my Windows XP users get an extra 
page of output every time they print to our HP 8500 color laserjet.  The 
driver is in print$ on the server.  I do not believe that _all_ of the XP 
users are having the problem, which is strange.  But it's wasting a lot of 
paper and they are complaining.  If it's SAMBA do you guys have any ideas how 
I can troubleshoot it?  Here are my SAMBA printing details:

printing = cups
printcap = cups
printcap cache time = 60
print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P %p -o raw %s -r
load printers = yes
force printername = yes
printer admin = @"Domain Admins"

comment = Printer Drivers Share
path = /data/samba/drivers
write list = root
browseable = no

comment = All Printers
path = /data/samba/spool
public = yes
guest ok = yes
writeable = no
printable = yes
browseable = yes
printer admin = @"Domain Admins"

## Specific printers that need extra permissions
copy = printers
comment = "Accounting Color Laser Printer"
path = /data/samba/spool/private
public = no
valid users = @acct @acct_admin @hr @"Domain Admins" dwayne terri danae
browseable = yes

Thanks for any help,

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