[SAMBA] samba - bind : program guideline suggestion

Eric Boutin eprime86 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 8 02:22:05 GMT 2004

Hi all !
I'm currently developping a program that takes the smbtree output, parse it, 
retrieve all connected workstations, then call nmblookup for each 
workstation, resolve the IP, create a BIND zone file with this.

At this point, the programs works; I use system( " ") calls and unsafe 
temporairy files.  I just wanted to get it up quickly

Now; to secure this programs; I tought about 2 things

-> secure the program using pipes
       However; I would have to make an update at each samba release since 
there's no way to guarante that the smbtree and nmblookup arguments and 
output will be the exact same file format as the current one

-> Link my code to samba.
        I would take the smbtree code; just rename the main function 
smbtreemain and do the same for nmblookup and use internal variables to 
handle it.  However, I'm not shure this code would even build in future 
release because of linkage to librairies and so...

Which way do you recommand ?
Any other suggestions ?

Thanks a lot !

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