[Samba] Roaming profiles - exclude Application Data from roaming profile

Brett Carruthers bcarruthers at iii.net.au
Wed Dec 8 01:19:13 GMT 2004

Thanks rruegner,

We run IMAP for the email but for the torrents of previous email 
migrated over we decided to not import all of it back into IMAP (which 
reduces useless mail and gives the people a chance to clean their email 
out). I have administrative control of the entire network and would have 
liked to apply a active directory policy or likewise to not include the 
Application Data directory in the profiles - I just don't know how to do it.

Thanks for the info regarding resetting thunderbirds storage location, I 
have actually already done that with several clients but am looking for 
a more long term solution which requires less configuration at the 
client end. I haven't touched firebird yet which will also be a problem 
- I hadn't attended to that one.

I would still like to know how to exclude the Application Data from 
roaming profiles on a whole samba server basis. Also, how hard is it to 
have some users not use a roaming profile but others continuing to use a 
roaming profile?


rruegner wrote:

> Brett Carruthers schrieb:
>> Hello All,
>> I have a problem with my roaming profiles where they are becoming too 
>> large due to the Thunderbird mail accounts (stored by default) in 
>> Application Data. What I would like to do is exclude this directory 
>> from being part of the roaming profile. How can I do this?
>> Also, how hard is it to have some users not use a roaming profile but 
>> others continuing to use a roaming profile? We have some laptop users 
>> that don't need roaming but office staff which do benefit from the 
>> use of roaming profiles.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Brett Carruthers
> Hi,
> choose the folder of storing mail file in the account settings of 
> thunderbird , or better use
> imap if possible 8 so you dont have to download mail )
> consult thunderbird help faqs,
> if you got in trouble with firebird cache, you can set another folder 
> for cache in default.ini ( i thought this was the name , look in the 
> help files here too )
> or minimize it, this should solve profile problems.
> a good place for all this stuff may be the home directory of the user 
> on the samba server , or a place on clients computer local storage
> if this fits to your security
> Regards

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