[Samba] Re: Roaming profiles - exclude Application Data from roaming profile

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Wed Dec 8 01:04:15 GMT 2004

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| I have a problem with my roaming profiles where they are becoming too
| large due to the Thunderbird mail accounts (stored by default) in
| Application Data. What I would like to do is exclude this directory from
| being part of the roaming profile. How can I do this?
| Also, how hard is it to have some users not use a roaming profile but
| others continuing to use a roaming profile? We have some laptop users
| that don't need roaming but office staff which do benefit from the use
| of roaming profiles.


1. If you haven't already implemented folder redirection for Application
~ Data and My Documents, you may want to seriously consider it.  This
will allow you to maintain the info on the server without having to
download the whole thing each time a user logs in.



Mine uses the above in conjunction with a mapped drive that points at
the users home directory.  Cool thing about this is that a sneaky dude
can use this to share email between a Windows Thunderbird client and a
Linux Thunderbird client. That's how I got mine set up although it is a
bit tricky.

2. You can manually change the directories from within Thunderbird to a
directory that is local.  The user will not be able to access his or her
mail on other machines of course.  For example, one might create a
subdirectory of C:\Documents and Settings\All
Users\Documents\Application Data\[username]\Thunderbird and keep all of
Thunderbird's stuff here.

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