[Samba] 2003 Terminal Server profile storage problem (earliermessage was incomplete - sorry)

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Dec 7 19:26:49 GMT 2004

> [Mitch says:] D'oh! Ok- I've set that, still seeing the problem though -
> without the error message (yes I was smart enough to restart smbd ;-)

Actually, changes to the smb.conf become live withing a few minutes,
you don't need to restart.

> When the user logs on, the profile folder is created locally, and when they
> log off, it is then stored in the Samba server.


> If I remove the local copy of the profile from Documents and Settings, it is
> re-cached at the next login.


> We were striving for live network stored access - no replication - have I
> missed something else?

I think so, this sounds exactly like how *roaming* profiles behave.  

Use a policy to redirect "My Documents" out of the profile an to a
'real' share somewhere like \\{servername}\homedir.  The same can be
done with other folders in the roaming profile (see the Samba Guide).
You'll still have roaming profile but the important parts will be live
and the profile will be smaller.

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