[Samba] 2003 Terminal Server profile storage problem (earliermessage was incomplete - sorry)

Mitch (WebCob) mitch at webcob.com
Tue Dec 7 19:17:48 GMT 2004

[Paul says:] Perhaps you should try messing with this setting in the share
you're having problems with.  From the man page:
[Mitch says:] D'oh! Ok- I've set that, still seeing the problem though -
without the error message (yes I was smart enough to restart smbd ;-)

When the user logs on, the profile folder is created locally, and when they
log off, it is then stored in the Samba server.

If I remove the local copy of the profile from Documents and Settings, it is
re-cached at the next login.

We were striving for live network stored access - no replication - have I
missed something else?



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