[Samba] 2003 Terminal Server profile storage problem (earlier message was incomplete - sorry)

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue Dec 7 18:58:51 GMT 2004

>The error is apparently that as Samba doesn't support telling 2003 NOT to
>cache network data offline, 2003 DOES THIS by default, which means I'm not
Perhaps you should try messing with this setting in the share you're 
having problems with.  From the man page:

csc policy (S)

    This stands for /client-side caching policy/, and specifies how
    clients capable of offline caching will cache the files in the
    share. The valid values are: manual, documents, programs, disable.

    These values correspond to those used on Windows servers.

    For example, shares containing roaming profiles can have offline
    caching disabled using *csc policy = disable*.

    Default: //csc policy/ = manual /

    Example: //csc policy/ = programs /

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