[Samba] Pdf printer by mail with samba 3.0.9-1

Mitch (WebCob) mitch at webcob.com
Tue Dec 7 17:22:28 GMT 2004

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> > Is anyone has set a samba mail pdf printer with ADS athentification ?
> > can I setup samba for that ?

Same as setting up samba for anything.  The "mail pdf printer" is just a 
printer as far as Samba is concerned,  queing the job just happens to 
invoke a script that does the ->pdf->mail thing rather than submitting it 
to an actual print queue.

[Mitch says:] Sorry for butting in - and sorry if this is a dumb question -
but are you guys saying there is an existing PDF printer / spooler combo
that provides a PDF output option under Samba? Is this a 3rd party app or
where do I get started looking at this?



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