[Samba] Policy editor, policy's not(always)working

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Dec 7 15:42:37 GMT 2004

Hello, ya'll ..

i got this problem, got a samba pdc and bdc up, running and syncing..
made some policy's with the good old poledit from NT4

now i have 2 groups. with 2 differend policy's
group 1 - Teachers
group 2 - Students.
Default user - fallback

these 2 groups kinda works, but once every time
both groups fall back on the default user policy ?
so the policy doesn't check the actual thing..
some how if a teacher logson, samba/windows falls back to
the default user policy, even if he belongs to the teacher group ?

now i made the default user the same as students, but now once every
wile teachers complaining about missing links/policies ect ect ?
i didn't noticed it before, but dunno is it a windows or samba bug ?
(prob windows..!) annyway anny clues how to fix it, or work around it?

Collen Blijenberg (Systeem/Netwerk Beheerder)

Montessori Lyceum 
Herman Jordan

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