[Samba] ADS Authentication

Tom Skeren tms3 at fsklaw.net
Tue Dec 7 00:06:53 GMT 2004

Jeremy Allison wrote:

>On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 02:29:29PM -0800, Tom Skeren wrote:
>>I'm about ready to smash my head through a wall...I could use a few answers.
>>1.  When using security = ads, and completing net ads join, it was my 
>>understanding that samba authenticated username/pword against ads, and 
>>local posix accounts were nolonger needed, is this true?
>Yes, so long as you have nsswitch and pam set up correctly. It sounds
>like you don't.
Well, I've followed every how to that I can find.  I have some 
strangeness.  When I log into the unix terminal I have to supply 2 root 
passwords...the posix one and the one for root in ADS (they're 
different)....to login.  The same for a user with both posix and ADS 
accounts.  Non posix account users cannot login with an ADS account to 
the terminal.

Depending on changes to the smb.conf file I get wild results with 
winbindd.  One config gives users and groups with a wbinfo -u/g 
command.  Others error out with differing reasons for the errors.

I'm really not sure where the error is...it should be working, but it is 


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