[Samba] Networkbrowsing with different subnetmasks

Ronald RiemVis R.RiemVis at dutondata.nl
Mon Dec 6 22:20:31 GMT 2004

Dear all,

I have a workgroup withonly windows 200 workstations in it and one 
Samba version 2.212
The network is bridged with a subnet mask

>From the WAN side you get:

Internet > Modem/router > first NIC > firewall and out to LAN via 
second NIC
Because the second NIC has no IP address the browsing is done by 
the first NIC avoiding that the information is not going out to the WAN 
by making the firewall rules.

Altough i did make the sentence inside the firewall pass any from any 
i did not get the name of the server vissible in the workgroup.
Only the win2K workstations where visible
The IP parameters where set to subnetmask this 
includes all the workstations and the first NIC from the firewall.

After changing the subnetmask to  i see the server 
joining the workgroup and I could access him.

Could someone give me a answer on the following question:

Is browsing from samba only on the address xxx.xxx.xxx.255 and not 
on lower address if used with different subnetmask?
Like subnetmask = = 15 IP addresses per group 
browse adress first group = xxx.xxx.xxx.15 second group = 
xxx.xxx.xxx.31 third group = xxx.xxx.xxx.47 and so on until 


Ronald RiemVis

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