[Samba] How do I stop the guest account printing?

Tim none at of.your.biz
Mon Dec 6 11:20:54 GMT 2004

On 06.12.2004 4:20 am, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Tim wrote:
> | Is it actually possible to stop guest access to a printer?
> Use 'security = user' instead of share.

Ah, I was hoping you weren't going to say that...

The samba server is used by several people, not all of whom have accounts 
on the linux machine, so I'd much rather have "security = share". I'll give 
it a try though. At the cost of everyone having to log-on (some with the 
guest account), I'll gain some printer accounting I suppose!

So is this a bug/feature in Samba or something ("guest ok = no" not working 
for printers when "security = share")? Or is it a flaw in the Windows SMB 


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