[Samba] compiling samba v3x with sysconfdir

Bastian.Zacher at aspect-online.de Bastian.Zacher at aspect-online.de
Mon Dec 6 07:52:55 GMT 2004


I just compiled the latest samba src. with the sysconfdir option as seen 

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba/3.0.9 --sysconfdir=/etc/samba

After installing it and configuring the smb.conf in /etc/samba I ran 

It failed, cause the smb.conf wasn't found:
Load smb config files from /usr/local/samba/3.0.9/lib/smb.conf
params.c:OpenConfFile() - Unable to open configuration file 
        No such file or directory
Error loading services.

I know, that if I specifiy the location of the smb.conf, it would run 
correctly (testparm /etc/samba/smb.conf).
Also starting Samba will fail due to this error. After using the -s 
options samba will start...

My Question: Is the sysconfdir deprecated? Or is there any other solution 
to set the smb.conf location?
I don't want to work with links or hide my smb.conf somewhere deep 



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