[Samba] Openbsd very slow

Marvin Bonilla MBonilla at TVGNetwork.com
Sat Dec 4 20:34:24 GMT 2004

 We have a problem with a new server system running OpenBSD 3.6 (macppc). It runs on a vlan which is part of other vlan in a building network infrastructure.
The img0 interface is configured 100baseTX full-duplex as it should be. The speed is disappointing, using samba 2.2.10. Other systems, i.e. four mac's computers exchange data at full speed over that network. All cables are brand new , OpenBSD system is very slow. Are there any issues to consider when connecting OpenBSD 3.6  with Samba 2.2.10 in a vlan?

TIA in advance.

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