[Samba] Re: Server not browseable with 3.0.8

Andrew Dougherty doughera at lafayette.edu
Fri Dec 3 20:40:48 GMT 2004

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Michael Lueck wrote:

> Sounds like you have crud left over in your wins file. Stop the samba services, wack /var/opt/samba/wins.dat and restart samba. If the service has multiple entries in wins.dat for multiple IP's I've
> noticed conflicting info between the log for nmbd starting up (knows itself and its correct IP) but later clients are unable to find the browse master as it can't find itself (in the wins.dat that is)
> as the startup seems to somehow pick the newer IP whereas the search starts with the older ones and runs out of steam before it tries all IP's.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Alas, I don't have any /var/opt/samba
directory at all (nor any wins.dat entries in /var/run/samba or anywhere

> Also, there is a copy file bug in 3.0.8, I skipped it and applied the stable 3.0.9 deb's to our servers which are running the testing (Sarge) distro. I'd suggest the same for you. I wish unstable /
> testing had gone from 3.0.7 directly to 3.0.9 following the Samba team's lead that 3.0.8 was to be short lived... ah wel...

I fetched the 3.0.9 deb's from samba.org and installed samba and
samba-common.  Alas, no dice.  It still has the same symptoms.

Thanks for the ideas so far.  Any others?

    Andy Dougherty		doughera at lafayette.edu
    Dept. of Physics
    Lafayette College, Easton PA 18042

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