[Samba] Local vs Domain user conflict with winbind

sharif islam sharif.islam at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 19:49:51 GMT 2004

>From http://www.faqs.org/docs/samba/ch09.html

"Be careful when adding local users after domain users have started
accessing the Samba server. The domain users will have entries created
for them by winbind in /etc/passwd, with UIDs in the range you
specify. If you are using a method of creating new accounts that
automatically assigns UIDs, it might choose UIDs by adding 1 to the
highest UID assigned thus far, which will be the most recent UID added
by winbind. (This is the case on Red Hat Linux, with the useradd
script, for example.) The UID for the new local user will be within
the range allocated for winbind, which will have undesired effects.
Make sure to add new local users using a method that assigns them UIDs
in the proper range. For example, you can use the -u option of useradd
to specify the UID to assign to the new user. "

I am running samab as a member server with winbind. I tried to create
a local user with useradd -u, but winbind seems hang during the
process. How do I create a local user? Do I need to turn winbind off
then create the user?


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