[Samba] root ownership on some profile files cause login errors

Justin Zachor zachor-samba at gamelogic.com
Fri Dec 3 00:10:41 GMT 2004

Okay, I'm making progress... here's a better directed question:

The problem is that when a profile is created on the Samba server 
(pushed up from the Win2K client by "Copy To..." dialog, run as Local 
Admin) some of the profile files are owned by root and not readable by 
group or other. This task is performed by a local Administrator, and 
using my account "zippy" as the PDC admin login
(admin users = @ntadmin) (I'm in Unix group 'ntadmin')

What I did to fix my account's roaming profile was to (as root on the 
Samba server) "chown -R zippy zippy" and "chmod -R 700 zippy"

So the question becomes:  Will a create mask, directory mask, or force 
create mode fix this? For every profile I push up to the server do I 
need to login to the server and tweak permissions as root?

Thanks again!!

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Justin Zachor wrote:
> | Here's another question related to how to use masks --
> |
> | In my PDC area I specify:
> |
> |     logon path = \\netapp\profiles\%u
> I recommend %U and not %u for the 'logon path' in most cases
> | So, is this the sytax for masks?
> | Do I add "create mask = 0744" -OR- "force create mask = 0744"?
> | Where do I put it? Anywhere in smb.conf?
> |
> | Should the mask be 0077? (it's a mask, not chown
> | notation, right??)
> the 'create mask' is a bitwise logical AND with the
> requested permissions.  The force create mode is a bitwise
> logical OR.
 >>      admin users = @ntadmins
 >>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 > It's probably this line.  See the smb.conf(5) man page for details.

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