[Samba] Re: using samba through a VPN

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Dec 2 22:01:31 GMT 2004

> If you find smb too slow, you should try using http to serve the files 
> across the VPN.
> Set up apache to use samba authentication and you should be all set.
> You could even run both Samba and Apache at the same time, and see for 
> yourself which works out better.

We use Davenport, which is a DAV<-->CIFS/SMB portal, to provide DAV
access to all our Samba volumes.  Davenport is a setup-and-go app, very
nice and has worked well for us.  http://{hostname}:8080/davenport and
you see the domains & workgroups listed, you drill down through hosts to
volumes just like using Network Neighborhood.  A volume can be browsed
as a web page (for non-DAV clients like Win9x) or as a DAV volume.

DAV is much faster over VPN links than native SMB.

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