[Samba] Re: using samba through a VPN

Tom tom at orange.us
Thu Dec 2 21:47:07 GMT 2004

If you find smb too slow, you should try using http to serve the files 
across the VPN.

Set up apache to use samba authentication and you should be all set.

You could even run both Samba and Apache at the same time, and see for 
yourself which works out better.


"Andrew Gaffney" <agaffney at gentoo.org> wrote in message 
news:41AD80F3.3060603 at gentoo.org...
>I already have an existing network that is managed by a samba PDC. In the 
>next few days, I will be linking another small LAN to the existing one over 
>the internet using openvpn. I've been told that samba (through no fault of 
>its own) doesn't work very well through a VPN.
> For the new network, there will be a box with 2 NICs: one for the internet 
> and one for the LAN. This box will use openvpn and iptables to allow the 
> entire LAN direct access to the PDC (which provides other services also) 
> through the VPN tunnel.
> I want the workstations in the new network to be able to logon to the 
> domain and access the file shares hosted by the samba PDC in the first 
> network. Will I be able to do this? Easily? :)
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