[Samba] Can RH AS3 be a ADS member with winbind+nss+krb5?

John Stile john at stilen.com
Thu Dec 2 21:26:20 GMT 2004

Samba is trying to be a member server in an AD in native mode, using
winbind, nss, and kerberose.  There are 3 kdc's (2 are Win2003, 1 is
Win2000), samba server is RH-AS3 + Samba version 3.0.9 (from samba.org)
+ krb5 1.3.1-6 (from Fedora Core).  I thought I had things working (join
succeeded, could access shares, modify files), and then it stopped
working.  After clearing out the host account from AD, when I try to add
sever back to the domain, the host is added to AD but the join fails. 

When it broke the following changes had occurred:
 I had restarted samba.
 I changed some pam files (which have been reverted).
 Windows administrators had turned on 'smb signing' around that time,
but I don't know how samba 3.0.9 will handle this.
  Is this possible to setup samba as a member server in this
configuration with this network and software versions or should i try
another method?
  What is the next best setup method?

  I am left wondering what the best options are available at this point,
as things seem hopeless.  
  I have followed steps outline in Samba-3 By Example, by John H.
Terpstra, chapter 9.3.3
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