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Deryck Hodge deryck at samba.org
Thu Dec 2 15:35:17 GMT 2004

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Hi, all.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a recent post to
news.samba.org.  We are looking for material for the news portion of
samba.org.  Here's the request as it appears on http://news.samba.org/:


news.samba.org is looking for stories, especially those about successful
Samba installations.  It doesn't matter if yours is a recent
install/migration or an existing setup that just works when you need it.
We want to hear from our community about how Samba is being put to good
use.  You would be surprised how your story can help spread the word
about Samba.

If you think you might have something interesting to share, go to our
story submission form <http://news.samba.org/submit.html> and let us
hear from you.  All stories will be credited to their submitter.


I'll look forward to hearing from you all. :-)  Cheers,

- -- deryck

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